Darryl Moris McGregor

Darryl Moris McGregor is a passionate world traveler who embraces new experiences and values personal development. As a knowledgeable trader with a focus on economics, finance, and cryptocurrency, he actively cultivates meaningful connections and continually seeks to broaden his horizons.

Entrepreneur and Executive Officer: Meet Darryl Moris McGregor

Darryl Moris McGregor a cereal entrepreneur who wears many different hats and is an executive officer in multiple corporations that he has either founded or co-founded throughout the years.

Global Business Leader

Mr Mcgregor business acumen has taken him across the globe working in conjunction with the Canadian Trade Commission exporting Canadian made products to international markets as head of international development for Global Synergies Inc. He is the Currently the CEO of Planet Canada Energy Inc that is active in the Energy sector in Canada. Other responsibilities he has in Canada is acting as the Vice president of Amec Homes a Canadian based development and construction company and is currently developing multiple sites in the Toronto area.

Perfect Clarity: A Global Leader in Crypto Investment

While living in abroad he primarily focuses on capital management for Perfect Clarity that manages crypto investments and is the executive producer behind the Reinas de crypto. He also is the founder and board member of The Perfect Clarity Experience, a non-profit organization that provide opportunities to underprivileged youth that incubates, assist and invests in in launching their first entrepreneurial venture.

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