Bio Darryl Moris McGregor

Darryl McGregor has been personally involved in over forty-five million of real-estate transactions since 2001. As vice president of Amec Homes Darryl is very experienced in the building and constructing field, including demolishing houses in the suburbs of the GTA and building new single family homes.

Born and raised in Toronto, Darryl began his career in the hospitality industry after graduating from George Brown College completing their Hospitality Management course in 1999. However, his time in the hospitality industry was short-lived, when after graduating he was offered the opportunity to become a partner in a “Buster Buy and Sell” franchise and as a budding entrepreneur, he jumped at the opportunity. After a year of owning and operating the franchise location located at St Clair and Bathurst Darryl’s next business venture was to open a windshield replacement company called “Safety Auto Glass” located in Mississauga in the Tomken and Britannia area. During his time there he developed a relationship with the National Car Rental. In collaboration with the management team, he began improve marketing for National Car Rental, in order to remain in the same league as larger competitors.

Recognizing an opportunity Darryl then took his acquired skills in sales from Buster Buy and Sell to start D.R.E.A.M Inc. which stood for (Direct, Residential, Effective, Advertising and Marketing)- with his first client being National Car Rental. While operating DREAM Inc, Darryl quickly understood the power of the internet and was one of the first to take advantage of the move to online shopping. with its tag line “Take your time Dream online” was aggressively marketed with team of call center agents, sales associates and other algorithmic online methods. Darryl would go on to negotiate and represent multiple business, with notable clientele such as Quiznos Subs, and Movenpick restaurants.

After surveying business methods in Asia and Eastern Europe Darryl gained an awareness of the importance of global trade and embarked on Import and Export under the trade name Extensive Enterprises. In early 2008 he also began another marketing company called Perfect Clarity that specialised in the energy field offering tailored natural gas and electricity plans to commercial customers with various pricing models. However, shortly after starting theses new business ventures by mid 2008 he witnessed the beginning of what would become known as the “Subprime housing crisis”. Understanding real-estate cycles he recognized the opportunity in the real-estate market and as home owners, developers and builder began to sell at a discounted rate’s he began to purchase a number of discounted real-estate assets mostly in the booming condominium market. During 2008 – 2018 his investment portfolio included 12 properties in the GTA through sole and joint partnerships. Looking to grow even more in this capacity, with a childhood friend he co-founded Amec Homes and began renovations and new builds of homes in the Suburbs of the GTA, with projects that were increasing in scale and magnitude.

Darryl and his team purchased a large 3.6 hectares of lakefront property in 2017 from the government of Canada. After initially approaching the local municipality as an opportunity to build a sprawling subdivision he and his partners were rebuffed at the township level. Then taking a more collaborative approach Darryl and his team were able to capture the enthusiasm and the support from all levels of government involved in the approval process by putting forward a more inclusive community based, and sustainable resort style development with multiple commercial spaces that would be open to and benefit the public. Under the corporation that was created Darryl, his partners, the engineering and consultant team have worked diligently to navigate the arduous Canadian development process. As evidenced in pre-construction meeting notes prepared by the local township, the project was provided a fast track to clear the approval process.

Darryl and his team expect to be shovel-ready to begin this exciting new development by mid 2025.